Why choose Fiorio

Why Choose Fiorio Beauty Academy

The Fiorio Beauty Academy was established to create a stylist that would possess the same vision and passion that is recognized with the Fiorio name.
The Fiorio Beauty Academy is a learning institution, as well as a working salon. We have created an environment that allows the students to gain the talent, confidence, and knowledge they need to apply the current trends and looks of today’s demanding styles.

Our courses offer training and education for the novice to the experienced stylist. We teach the Fiorio cutting, colouring, and styling techniques. In addition, students are educated on the current trends and styles of the industry. This knowledge and awareness enables students to unleash their inner potential by sparking a creative passion for hair.

Small class sizes

We want to give our students the highest quality training by giving them individual attention. Our instructors work with the students one-on-one to develop a stronger and more confident stylist.

State-of-the-art Facility

Our Academy is up-to-date with the current trends and equipment in the industry. We provide our students with all the necessary resources to learn how to operate in a professional, high-end salon.


Located in the heart of Toronto’s Beach Village, we offer our students a Go Transit discount.

Instructor of a Lifetime

Our students are given the rare opportunity to learn from a highly respected industry icon, Maurice Fiorio.

Job Opportunities

Upon graduation, our students are given the opportunity to work in one of eight Fiorio salons across the Greater Toronto Area or at our salon in Victoria, British Columbia. Over 75% of our graduating students choose to stay within Fiorio and work at one of our nine locations, recently rated best salon in Canada. For these students, the transition from school to their first job is a smooth and comfortable one, as they are already familiar with the salon owners who rotate instructing the students throughout the school year. Furthermore, students often find themselves starting in a Fiorio salon with one or more of their peers from the Academy.

Portfolio Preparation & Photo Shoot Competition

Near the end of the Pre Apprenticeship Course, we hold a professional photo shoot competition for our students. This allows them to showcase their creative talent and the technical skills that they have developed over the past year.

Models, hair, makeup, and clothing all play a role in this exciting event for our students. This event prepares the students for future competitions, or even various career paths such as photography or print.

Career Options

Hairstylists may work in hair salons, barber shops, schools, hair replacement clinics, health care establishments, hotels, spas, and in the cruise, fashion and TV and Film industries. Some salons specialize in services to either men or women and others are unisex salons. In salons, hairstylists may be remunerated through salary, commission, a combination of salary and commission or chair rental agreements. Some hairstylists work out of their residences where by-laws allow.

Industry Networking

Fiorio participates in various hair shows, fashion shows, and fundraisers throughout the year. In the past, our students have had the opportunity to work at the Allied Beauty Association (ABA) Hair Show assisting our platform artists with wardrobe and set-up/production. Also, Fiorio students have participated in the Miss & Miss Teen World Canada beauty pageant over the last three years, as Fiorio has been the official hair sponsor.

These opportunities are priceless to our students. They gain exposure to the industry by networking with professionals outside of the salon environment, while enhancing their technical skills and growing their portfolio.