Beginner Hair Programs:
Hairstyling (Pre Apprenticeship Course)
This Pre Apprenticeship course teaches you everything from basic to advanced techniques. Learn your craft in 12 months.


Hairstyling (Pre Apprenticeship Course)

Course Code: PA001

This 12 month, 1820 hour program is designed for the beginner. The program focuses on the theoretical knowledge, the practical knowledge, and the experience that novice stylists require to transition themselves into a successful career within the hair industry. Throughout the course, students are exposed to the professional FIORIO culture.
The 12 month course is broken down into 2 parts. The first 6 months entails lectures and clinics. Students are in the classroom learning the fundamentals of hair styling and dressing.

Examples of topics to be covered are:

Analysis of Hair
Blowdrying Techniques
Hair Cutting
Chemical Textured Services
Salon Management
Introduction to Cosmetology

The remaining 6 months focus on the working salon and field experience. Students graduate to the cutting floor where they work on clients while being supervised by cutting and colouring instructors.

Classroom (first 6 months): Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Salon (last 6 months): Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.*

Educational Requirements
Grade 12 completion

Registration Fee: $100.00 (CAD)
Tuition Fee: $9,000.00 (CAD)
Starter Kit: $1,000.00 (CAD)
Textbooks: $325.00* (CAD)
Upgrade Kit: $775.00 (CAD)

*Subject to change.

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Key Performance Indicators for Private Career Colleges

Graduation Rate, Employment Rates and Student Loan Default Rates

Measuring Success after Graduation
How many students successfully graduate from private career colleges? Do graduates find jobs and are these jobs related to their training? How many students pay back their student loans?

Since 2013, Ontario’s private career colleges – or PCCs – have worked with the ministry and its partners to gather data to answer these questions. The data is used to develop measurable values called key performance indicators – or KPIs.

KPIs show how graduates have fared after graduating from PCC vocational programs. They help future students make more informed decisions about their post secondary education and help institutions identify areas of strength and weakness and opportunities for improvement.


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