Our Approach

he approach at the Fiorio Beauty Academy is unique in that we focus on the individual. We understand that every student has unique goals, learning types, and confidence levels. Our approach to teaching, is understanding our students, helping them discover their goals, and providing them with the tools to achieve them.


Each month the academy director and lead instructor conduct student reviews. The reviews consist of multiple reports handed in by the instructors on each student. They outline the strengths and areas of improvement of each student and highlight the areas that need focus. Based on the reports, the instructors will suggest customized teaching methods to aid in the learning of that individual. The purpose of these reviews, are to inform the student of the area that needs focus and motivate and encourage them to utilizes their strengths. Each student is encouraged to develop 3 unique goals at each review and are given the learning tools to achieve them. Reviews are based not only on academic and technical skills, a large portion of the grading is focused on professionalism, communication and presentation skills.

Teaching Methods

Visual Presentations, Live Demos & Videos
Hands on practice on Mannequins
Hands on advanced training on Live Models & Clients
Role Play
Homework readings


Our educators are some of the best the industry has to offer. Selected from all over the world, they come from a background of Platform Work, Salon Chain ownership, Media (editorial and tv), and Destination Services. The selection process to become a Fiorio Educator is extensive, having multiple interviews with Maurice Fiorio. We ensure all Educators have a full understanding and belief in the Fiorio Philosophy before signing them onboard.

Industry Exposure

Giving our students exposure to the different types of job opportunities, media, and event work, helps define their direction and goals. We give our students ample opportunity to participate in Fashion Shows, Photoshoots and Special industry events. At the Fiorio Beauty Academy, It is important to us to provide knowledgeable mentors that can give them a real view of what this industry has to offer.